Attribute Changer 11.10

I’m pleased to announce a new release of Attribute Changer, focusing especially on the detailed logging feature.

· Enhanced JPEG EXIF header detection, supporting more JPEG files
· Rewrite of detailed logging feature
· Natural sort algorithm for detailed logging
· Subdir state saved on exit
· Fixed TAB order for keyboard navigation
· Fixed issue to display all elements in ‘Size’ filter listbox
· Fixed broken mouse wheel scrolling in listboxes
· Fixed issue to disable controls during processing
· Fixed memory hog in processing engine

The detailed logging feature has been completely rewritten and on a test machine with 251000 files and 500 folders, the improvements with an open logging window during processing are:

Time: 70 seconds vs 200 seconds > approx 290% faster
Memory: 210 MB vs 990 MB > approx 470% less

By the way, saving the state of the “Include sub-folders and files” checkbox was removed in version 11 …. I understood your complaints and it’s back 🙂

If you find this program useful, please consider making a donation. Many thanks for your contribution!