This privacy policy is meant to help you understand what information is collected and why it’s collected.

Some statistical data is collected on the website: date and time, current visited page, referrer link, country, browser brand, anonymized IP address and information whether mobile or desktop device is stored in the database. The IP address is collected to identify the country and then anonymized before it gets saved in the database for troubleshooting purposes.

The stored information cannot be used to identify you as an individual user.

No cookies or other solutions are used to track returning visitors. The website and statistics data are self-hosted in Europe ( and not transmitted to a third-party.

If you send me a support request by mail, the name and mail address configured in your mail client are sent to me and used to reply to requests. Your user name and email information is not saved in any database.

Running the Attribute Changer software on your computer does not collect any data and no communication channel is established between the application and the Internet.