Since the first release back in May 1999, Attribute Changer turned out from a very simple tool to change attributes into a powerful file management application.

Release 11.30b / April 2024

Bugfix : Unable to retrieve saved settings in portable mode
Bugfix : Readjust value for time fields when keeping AC open in portable mode
Bugfix : Wrong path for application icon if custom destination path is selected
Feature : Enable all options in Settings tab in portable mode

Release 11.30a / January 2024

Bugfix : Name filters not correctly saved
Bugfix : Access violation for very long names stored at root of drives
Bugfix : Crash when closing multiple instances from Windows Taskbar
Bugfix : Reset action did not delete “Attribute Changer” root key from registry

Release 11.30 / October 2023

Feature : Use UNC naming convention in processing engine to support path lengths up to 32767 characters.

Release 11.20b / August 2023

Bugfix : ‘Photo – After’ column value not updated in reports

Release 11.20a / August 2023

Bugfix : IPC issue when running shell and portable instance in parallel
Bugfix : Align version number in Control Panel / Programs and Features

Release 11.20 / June 2023

Feature : Make Attribute Changer portable
Feature : Saving main window position (portable mode)
Feature : Context menu for attribute checkboxes
Feature : Add option to make Attribute Changer stay in front
Feature : Option to select/deselect shell extension in installer
Bugfix : Fix EXIF issue with IPTC segment

Release 11.10 / December 2022

Feature : Enhanced JPEG EXIF header detection, supporting more JPEG files
Feature : Rewrite of detailed logging feature
Feature : Natural sort algorithm for detailed logging
Feature : Subdir state saved on exit
Bugfix : TAB order for keyboard navigation
Bugfix : Show all elements in ‘Size’ filter listbox
Bugfix : Mouse wheel scrolling in listboxes broken
Bugfix : Controls not disabled during processing
Bugfix : Memory hog in processing engine

Release 11.0 / March 2022

Feature: New, simplified user interface
Feature: Merged file and folder properties/filters
Feature: Simplified user guide
Feature: Main window opens near mouse pointer
Feature: /F /D and /T options in name filters to tag specific items
Feature: Use of comments in name filters
Feature: New advanced option ‘Date and time Now’
Feature: Unsorted list of name filters
Feature: Add GByte unit to filters
Bugfix: Case changes failed for UNC paths
Bugfix: Resolve flickering issues
Bugfix: Junctions and symlinks were resolved in recursive mode
Bugfix: High DPI scaling issues during application startup
Bugfix: Randomize tab not shown for Photos

Release 10.10a / May 2021

Feature: Add German and Portuguese (Brazilian) translation
Bugfix: ‘Picture date and time from JPEG’ feature did not work correctly
Bugfix: Small visual glitch, tabs not aligned

Release 10.10 / April 2021

Feature: Sequence mode for files and folders
Bugfix: Exif header without DateTime tags could remove GPS tags
Bugfix: XMP tag issues when saving EXIF modifications
Bugfix: Advanced mode for photos did not always work
Bugfix: Filter name exceptions were not saved

Release 10.0a / September 2020

Feature: Add support for High Contrast themes
Bugfix: Date and time context menu always displayed in English
Bugfix: Paste date and time values from File Properties tab did not always work

Release 10.0 / September 2020

Feature: Redate folder for non-recursive operation
Feature: Filter settings are applied to all features
Feature: Add ‘Date Taken’ property to JPEG file if it does not exist.
Feature: Make OK button the default
Feature: Photo tab is hidden if no JPEG file is selected
Feature: Use latest version of Innosetup
Feature: Simplified name exceptions management
Bugfix: Missing translated strings in Reporting window
Bugfix: Erroneous mousewheel scrolling in advanced options listbox

Release 9.50a / February 2020

Bugfix: ‘Date and time from file/folder tab’ advanced option not using checkbox state.

Release 9.50 / January 2020

Feature: Redate folder date based on oldest subfolder
Feature: Redate folder date based on newest subfolder
Feature: Option to enable/disable the ‘Change Attributes’ context menu
Feature: Detailed Reporting – Reorganised columns
Feature: Detailed Reporting – Use Listview for failed actions
Feature: Detailed Reporting – Create TAB separated export file for failed actions
Feature: Detailed Reporting – Autosize panels if failed actions occur
Feature: Retrieve common date and time values for selected files and folders
Feature: Unchecked ‘Include sub-folders and files’ does not process files in folder anymore
Feature: File properties tab is hidden if no action is requested
Feature: Remove context menu from drives
Bugfix: Main window not closing with ESC key
Bugfix: Processing not canceled with ESC key

Release 9.10f / November 2019

Bugfix: Resolve EXIF issue with JFIF extension APP0 marker segment

Release 9.10e / April 2019

Bugfix: EXIF compatibility issue with some EXIF viewers

Release 9.10d / January 2019

Bugfix: Rare crash of Windows Explorer when right-clicking

Release 9.10c / December 2018

Bugfix: Unable to modify EXIF date and time for big-endian JPEG file with thumbnail

Release 9.10b / August 2018

Bugfix: Recursive modifications may happen despite an unchecked ‘Include sub-folders’ checkbox

Release 9.10a / June 2018

Bugfix: Explorer crash related to UTF8 encoding
Bugfix: Explorer crash with very long filenames
Bugfix: Missing date information in detailed reporting
Bugfix: ‘Change attributes / Use current’ does not always work

Release 9.10 / June 2018

Feature: Migrated application from Delphi to Lazarus/Freepascal
Feature: Migrated shell extension from C++ to Lazarus/Freepascal
Feature: Option to reset user settings to default values
Feature: Context menu entry to paste selected date/time to all other date/time fields
Feature: Localized button captions in dialog boxes
Feature: ‘Paste Attributes’ button action now includes ‘Change name’ listbox
Feature: Log export now autogenerates filenames with date and time stamp
Feature: Warning dialog boxes now use localized button captions
Feature: More detailed messages for invalid user entries in input fields
Feature: Updated user guide

Release 9.0a / January 2018

Bugfix: Reporting tab not shown for locked files when using OK button

Release 9.0  / January 2018

Feature: Capitalize Name, Extension, Name and extension
Feature: Redate folder date based on oldest file
Feature: Redate folder date based on newest file
Feature: Enable/disable strict mode for randomization of dates
Feature: Modify symbolic links and junctions (not target)
Feature: Dialog boxes and windows are now initially centred on screen
Feature: Updated user guide
Feature: Dropped support for Windows XP and Vista
Feature: Ambiguous context menu entries for date and time fields
Bugfix: Strict Randomization Mode not always using date range

Release 8.70 / July 2017

Feature: Make use of masks for Offset modifications on date and time
Feature: Make use of masks for Randomization on date and time
Feature: Updated user guide
Bugfix: issue with Apply button triggering Reporting tab to appear when ‘Always display Processing Report’ setting is unchecked

Release 8.60 / December 2016

Feature: Make application icons DPI aware
Feature: Make context menu icon DPI aware
Feature: Minor user interface changes
Feature: Updated user guide

Release 8.50b / November 2016

Bugfix: Issue in the Filter dialog boxes for files and folders when large fonts were used.

Release 8.50a / October 2016

Bugfix: Change case to lowercase and uppercase did not modify accent characters

Release 8.50 / July 2016

Feature: Attribute Changer is available as 64-bit application
Feature: Fixed incorrect Simulation checkbox state in a rare condition
Feature: Installer includes 32 and 64-bit binaries
Feature: 32-bit installation automatically upgraded to 64-bit on Windows x64

Release 8.20a / April 2016

Feature: Updated installer Innosetup to 5.5.9u
Bugfix: Failed folder modifications if files are locked within folder tree
Bugfix: Wrong date and time if photo contains no EXIF when using saved settings

Release 8.20 / February 2016

Feature: Enable/disable confirmation dialog
Feature: Re-add simulation mode to main window
Feature: Updated user guide

Release 8.10a / January 2016

Bugfix: Missing localized text in confirmation dialog
Bugfix: Misaligned OK button in main window
Bugfix: Issue with ‘value from File tab’
Bugfix: Wrong modified date and time if photo value is altered

Release 8.10 / November 2015

Feature: Enable/disable additional context menu items
Feature: OK button closes application if no changes are pending
Feature: Simulation mode added to confirmation dialog
Feature: Updated user guide

Release 8.0b / August 2015

Feature: Internal changes in shell extension (now listed correctly in ShellExView from NirSoft)
Feature: Optimized locking mechanism to prevent unnecessary failed actions
Bugfix: Column ‘Name’ now only displays folder name, not complete path
Bugfix: Option ‘Picture date and time from JPEG’ to keep existing date and time if no EXIF data is detected.
Bugfix: wrong tab selection in ‘Detailed Reporting’ window

Release 8.0a / August 2015

Feature: Small layout changes in help file
Bugfix: Unable to add and modify filename filters
Bugfix: Unable to add and modify foldername filters
Bugfix: Advanced Mode for folders not correctly working
Bugfix: EXIF crash when photo contains corrupt XMP section

Release 8.0 / July 2015

Feature: Randomise feature on individual datetime stamps
Feature: Export of detailed report results (CSV format)
Feature: Shell context menu displays icons (optional)
Feature: Detailed logging can be enabled/disabled at any time
Feature: Last used settings automatically saved
Feature: Shell extension adds additional context menu items:
› Change Attributes / Use Current
› Change Attributes / Use Saved
Feature: Major refactoring of main application
Feature: Complete rewrite of shell extension
Feature: Simplified User Interface
Feature: Enhanced randomise algorithm
Feature: Enhanced basic logging
Feature: Enhanced detailed logging
Feature: Updated translations
Feature: Redesigned icons in application
Bugfix: Blank date or time field when using Classic theme
Bugfix: Upgrade issues in installer

Release 7.11 / June 2014

Feature: Both, the 32 and 64-bit shell extensions are now registered on 64-bit Windows
Feature: Remove the dependency of dynamic binding to ATL
Feature: ATL100.dll is automatically removed from the installation folder during upgrade
Feature: Updated installer Innosetup to 5.5.4u
Feature: Updated installer languages

Release 7.10g / March 2014

Bugfix: Retrieved EXIF date not correctly assigned and sometimes resulting in wrong JPEG date stamps.

Release 7.10f / January 2014

Bugfix: Multiple EXIF application crashes were resolved.

Release 7.10e / July 2013

Bugfix: EXIF manipulations could generate application crash.

Release 7.10d / July 2013

Bugfix: Modified date and time altered when Synchronisation mode selected for EXIF date and time.

Release 7.10c / January 2013

Feature: Reduced size of Attribute Changer main application (acmain.exe)
Feature: Optimize shell extension (acshell.dll)
Feature: Redesigned application icon for Attribute Changer
Bugfix: Randomise of date not working when randomisation range <1 month

Release 7.10b / September 2012

Bugfix: Part of the date value hidden in entry fields when using two-digits format representation
Bugfix: Crash when dates out of range >31/12/9999 23:59:59 (now reverts to current date and time)

Release 7.10a / August 2012

Bugfix: Modification date and time get modified when EXIF date and time is changed

Release 7.10 / July 2012

Feature: Keep window position for Detailed Reporting window
Feature: Option to change case of files and folders
Feature: Updated help file
Feature: Added new Mask tab to graphical user interface
Feature: Better file/folder locking mechanism while updating

Release 7.0b / May 2012

Bugfix: Wrong NTFS timestamps related to daylight savings

Release 7.0a / March 2012

Bugfix: Remove obsolete ac.chm file while updating previous installation
Bugfix: EXIF date issue when photo is touched with Google Picasa

Release 7.0 / February 2012

Feature: Attribute Changer supports UNICODE
Feature: Installer supports UNICODE
Feature: Dates <1980 are activated
Feature: Date and time synchronization features
Feature: Generate random date and time stamps
Feature: Partial updates applied to EXIF date and time stamps
Feature: Enhanced context menu item for date and time fields
Feature: Make some labels and hints easier to understand
Feature: Dropped support for Windows 2000
Bugfix: Header font in ‘Advanced Reporting window’
Bugfix: Classic theme on Windows Vista and 7
Bugfix: relative partial date and time adjustments

Release 6.20 / October 2009

Feature: 32/64-bit shell extension (complete rewrite in C++)
Feature: Updated help files
Feature: Dropped NSIS Install System in favor of Innosetup
Bugfix: Main window position not correctly restored

Release 6.10c / August 2009

Bugfix: Wrong EXIF date/time read from header if picture was touched with some photo software

Release 6.10b / May 2009

Feature: Simulation (Preview) mode now available on main page
Feature: Simulation mode now automatically triggers detailed logging
Feature: Added Donation link to the About tab
Bugfix: Clicking Help button in About tab doesn’t work on Windows XP SP3 for restricted users

Release 6.10a / November 2008

Feature: Picture date and time checkboxes now unchecked by default
Bugfix: JPEG Error 52 while modifying EXIF data
Bugfix: ‘Failed to set calendar date or time’ error on Windows Vista
Bugfix: Copy buttons fail on Windows Vista for DateTimePicker operations

Release 6.10 / October 2008

Feature: Added EXIF datetime options
Feature: Added hint to display size of SELECTED files (hover the file selection label)
Feature: Graphical user interface redesign now completely finished
Feature: Restructured registry key HKCU\Romain’s\Software\Attribute Changer
Feature: Added hint for advanced options to datetime entry fields
Feature: Updated help file
Feature: Datetime file and folder options always restored on application startup
Bugfix: Disable datetime picker context menu when using relative adjustments

Release 6.0a / February 2008

Feature: Upgraded to NSIS installer 2.35
Bugfix: Apply button remains grayed if a popup menu entry is clicked
Bugfix: Obsolete registry entry not removed by installer

Release 6.0 / February 2008

Feature: Relative time adjustment now automatically adjusts date if necessary
Feature: Reuse current file and folder settings (keep among sessions)
Feature: Copy existing attribute and datetime settings between file/folder tabs
Feature: Simulation mode
Feature: Detailed logging
Feature: Redesigned relative adjustments graphical user interface
Feature: Redesigned global settings graphical user interface
Feature: Apply button grayed after processing and reenabled on settings change
Feature: Safer file/folder locking mechanism
Feature: Better validation mechanism on entry fields
Feature: Visual notification when date/time mask problem
Feature: Dynamic multiline tabs for longer translation captions
Feature: Moved shell extension class registration from installer to COM object
Feature: Enhanced file and folder datetime stamp filter
Feature: Redesigned file and folder filter user interface
Feature: Removed ‘Corrupt files/folders’ option
Feature: Upgraded to NSIS installer 2.33
Feature: New shell extension registration procedure in installer
› Resolves sporadic missing menu entries on upgrade
Feature: Major code rewrite
› Settings are reset to default values on first launch (security reason)
Feature: Dropped support for Windows 9x and Me
Bugfix: Datetime checkboxes now work correctly (no focus problem anymore)
Bugfix: Keyboard navigation order
Bugfix: Folder datetime stamps not retrieved on single folder selection
Bugfix: Fixed truncated labels for longer translation strings
Bugfix: Settings were applied twice when sequentially clicking the Apply and OK button

Release 5.30 / July 2007

Feature: Completely rewrote translation engine (no DLL’s anymore)
Feature: Completely redesigned graphical user interface
Feature: Uses updated NSIS installer
Feature: Updated help files

Release 5.23 / January 2004

Bugfix: Relative time changes on file and folder ignores seconds offset value

Release 5.22a / January 2004

Bugfix: Version resource strings incorrect on About tab

Release 5.22 / January 2004

Feature: Optimized installation script
Feature: Use LZMA compression in NSIS 2.0 installer
Bugfix: Font problems with DPI settings >96
Bugfix: Errors in User’s guide (CHM help file)

Release 5.21 / November 2003

Bugfix: Registry handle not closed in shell extension
Bugfix: Duplicate menu entries in context menu (Explorer with activated folder view)
Bugfix: Shell extension menu entry now works again in Windows NT 4.0

Release 5.20a / August 2003

Bugfix: Startup error message when selecting multiple objects in French version

Release 5.20 / July 2003

Feature: .LNK and .URL files can now be changed
Bugfix: Errors in User’s guide (CHM help file)
Bugfix: Drag & Drop for file and folder exceptions broken

Release 5.10 / June 2003

Feature: E-Mail and Website information on About tab are now clickable
Feature: ESC key now cancels processing thread
Feature: ESC key now quits application and any dialog box
Bugfix: Corrupted resource strings in french version
Bugfix: Folder filters not enabled for single selection with active ‘Recurse folders’ option
Bugfix: Folder exceptions not enabled for single selection with active ‘Recurse folders’ option
Bugfix: Installer now takes care of user selected installation path and program group

Release 5.0 / April 2003

Feature: Multi-Language installer now based on NSIS Install System
Feature: Absolute date/time settings are now the defaults
Feature: Position of context menu item can be configured
Feature: Resource DLL for localization strings
Feature: OK button to apply changes and immediately quit the application
Feature: Relative file and folder time adjustments
Feature: Relative file and folder date adjustments
Feature: Display current attributes, date and time
Feature: Independant values for Accessed, Modified and Created date/time properties
Feature: Enhanced absolute date and time properties
Feature: Make use of font smoothing when available
Feature: Redesigned graphical user interface
Feature: Improved context-sensitive help
Feature: Improved help file

Release 4.20 / August 2002

Feature: Added code to support localizations
Feature: Improved help file
Bugfix: Compress option in attribute filters not correctly enabled/disabled
Bugfix: Index option in attribute filters not correctly enabled/disabled
Bugfix: Focus problem in file and folder filters
Bugfix: Drag and Drop problem in listviews

Release 4.10 / May 2002

Feature: Windows XP themes support
Bugfix: File and folder date/time filters don’t work correctly
Bugfix: Filter and Exception global settings were not written to the registry
Bugfix: Settings on Tuning tab were not correctly written to the registry
Bugfix: Application crash when launched from drive context menu

Release 4.0a / December 2001

Bugfix: Decompression of files and folders when altering date stamp
Bugfix: Explorer.exe crashes on WinXP when exploring Start menu items

Release 4.0 / December 2001

Feature: COM in-process server for multi-selection
Feature: Universal attribute changer program
Feature: Root folder attributes now changed as well
Feature: Change Created, Modified, Accessed date/time properties
Feature: Filter Created, Modified, Accessed date/time properties
Feature: Completely rewrote processing engine
Feature: Minor graphical interface changes (new icons etc.)
Feature: Redesigned and updated help file now in HTML format

Release 3.0a / April 2001

Feature: Reduced help file size by 800 kB (optimized images)
Feature: Installation now build with Inno Setup and ISTool
Bugfix: ‘Created after’ date/time file filter does not work correctly
Bugfix: ‘Created after’ date/time folder filter does not work correctly
Bugfix: Blue screen on Win98 when accessing files and folders with corrupt dates

Release 3.0 / February 2001

Feature: Filters and Exceptions for folders File and folder filter options:
› search for creation date after
› search for creation date before
› search for creation time after
› search for creation time before
Feature: Additional file filter options
› search for size greater
› search for size smaller
Feature: Index attribute now supported on Win2K platform for files and folders
Feature: Compress attribute now supported for folders
Feature: Creation date and time on files/folders can be masked (partial modifications)
Feature: Popup menu entry to clear result list
Feature: Options to reset date/time to the current stamp
Feature: Drag and drop supported in exception dialogs (include group drag and drop)
Feature: Shortcuts (Ins, Del, Ctrl+A, F2) supported in Exception dialog box
Feature: Repair corrupt folder dates (NT/2000 only)
Feature: Button to call user’s guide from About tab
Feature: Finished the reengineering of Attribute Changer’s code
Feature: Redesigned exception dialogs
Feature: Improved online help (? in Attribute Changer title bar)
Feature: Updated help file
Feature: Automatic registry update from any release to version 3.0 (migrates old data)
Feature: Updated self-healing mechanism
Bugfix: File exceptions without folder part were not processed (ex. *.DLL)
Bugfix: File exceptions with wildcards (*.BMP) also processed in subfolders
Bugfix: Folder time set to file time if file AND folder time modifications were selected

Release 2.50a / June 2000

Bugfix: Modification time is 2 seconds ahead of creation time on FAT32

Release 2.50 / June 2000

Feature: Keep window position settings from previous session
Feature: Option to enable/disable ‘Save window positions’
Feature: Option to enable/disable ‘Automatically sort result list’
Feature: Option to repair corrupt dates (<1980 and >2099)
Feature: Option to globally enable/disable Filters
Feature: Option to globally enable/disable Exceptions
Feature: Escape key closes Filter and Exception dialog box and discards changes
Feature: Filter out files based on attribute settings
Feature: Online help now available for Filter and Exception dialog boxes
Feature: Save results list to a file
Feature: Windows 2000 compatibility
Feature: Completely rewrote settings/registry management
Feature: Completely rewrote search and processing thread
Feature: Important speed improvements
Feature: Cleaner registry key HKCU\Software\Romain’s Software
Feature: Improved error handling
Feature: Improved file handle sharing management
Feature: Automatic registry update from any release to version 2.5 (migrates old data)
Feature: Better self-healing mechanism
Feature: File and folder information now shortened on Activity tab if necessary
Feature: Root folder name now shortened on Folder tab if necessary
Feature: Improved online help
Feature: Updated help file
Bugfix: Access violation when access to folder is denied (Win2K system folders)
Bugfix: Random access violations under certain conditions at end of job (finally resolved)
Bugfix: Size field in filter dialog now correctly displays decimal numbers without thousands

Release 2.10 / February 2000

Feature: Added display for current file on Activity and Results tab
Bugfix: Application crash at startup on some systems
Bugfix: Unreleased file handles when filters were used
Bugfix: Problem adding folders to exception list when no file patterns are available
Bugfix: Blue screen on Windows 9x when Activity tab was active at end of job

Release 2.0 / January 2000

Feature: Change date and time on files
Feature: Change date and time on folders (NT only)
Feature: Compress and decompress files (NT only using NTFS)
Feature: Filter options (Date, time and size)
Feature: Include/Exclude files and folders (Supports wildcards)
Feature: Self-healing application (Recreates missing registry entries at startup)
Feature: Automatic registry upgrade (From version 1.1 to 2 with loss of current settings)
Feature: Options to save parameters (File and folder attributes, filters and exceptions)
Feature: Restructured registry key HKCU\Software\Romain’s Software
Feature: Online error reporting
Feature: Updated user interface
Feature: Updated help file
Bugfix: Folder attributes not changed when ‘SubFolders’ checkbox not checked
Bugfix: Window position out of screen on low resolutions

Release 1.10 / June 1999

Feature: Added online help
Bugfix: Problem saving application state

Release 1.0 / May 1999

Initial release (not public)