Attribute Changer 9.50

Let’s begin the new year 2020 with a brand new major update of Attribute Changer. Version 9.50 is available as a free download and includes the following enhancements and changes:

· Redate folder date based on oldest subfolder
· Redate folder date based on newest subfolder
· Option to enable/disable the ‘Change Attributes’ context menu
· Detailed Reporting: Reorganised columns
· Detailed Reporting: Use Listview for failed actions
· Detailed Reporting: Create TAB separated export file for failed actions
· Detailed Reporting: Autosize panels if failed actions occur
· Retrieve common date and time values for selected files and folders
· Unchecked ‘Include sub-folders and files’ does not process files in folder anymore
· File properties tab is hidden if no action is requested
· Remove Attribute Changer context menu from drives
· Fixed main window not closing with ESC key
· Fixed Processing not canceled with ESC key

If you find this program useful, please consider making a donation. Many thanks for your contribution!