Attribute Changer 11

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Attribute Changer 11, featuring a radically simplified user interface with some additional nice features.

· New, simplified user interface
· Merged file and folder properties/filters
· Simplified user guide
· Main window opens near mouse pointer
· /F /D and /T options in name filters to tag specific items
· Use of comments in name filters
· New advanced option ‘Date and time Now’
· Unsorted list of name filters
· Add GByte unit to filters
· Fixed failing case changes for UNC paths
· Fixed flickering issues
· Fixed issue that junctions and symlinks were resolved in recursive mode
· Fixed high DPI scaling issues during application startup
· Fixed issue that Randomize tab was not shown for Photos

If you used a saved profile or used filter settings in previous Attribute Changer versions, please note that only the file and folder name filters are migrated, all other settings need to be reconfigured.

Many thanks to all the pre-release testers, more than 50 000 copies were downloaded.

If you find this program useful, please consider making a donation. Many thanks for your contribution!