Attribute Changer 10

A new major release of Attribute Changer is available with some cool new features.

Under the hood, large parts of Attribute Changer have been rewritten. While it’s not visible for the end user, it’s important to do code cleanup and rewrite from time to time. You won’t either live 20 years in your house without doing housekeeping and renovation work.

Filters are now evaluated by all features available in Attribute Changer. For example. it’s possible to redate folders with only a certain type of files or set of attributes etc. Have fun!

Adding a missing DateTaken EXIF property to JPEG files was among the most requested features and here it is.

· Lots of technical changes under the hood
· Fixed missing translated strings in Reporting window
· Fixed erroneous mousewheel scrolling in advanced options listbox
· Make OK button the default
· Photo tab is hidden if no JPEG file is selected
· Simplified name exceptions management
· Redate folder for non-recursive operation
· Filter settings are applied to all features
· Option to add ‘Date Taken’ if it does not exist.
· Updated installer

If you find this program useful, please consider making a donation. Many thanks for your contribution!